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Marilyn D. Anderson



A Shepherd's Question

Nate (aka Nathaniel), a shepherd who has been to see Jesus in the manger, has questions. He knows that this baby is supposed to do great things, but he's not sure what those things are. A peppy angel named Felicity appears to help him understand that the baby is the long-awaited Messiah. Mr. Jefferson has heard the story of Jesus's birth, death, and resurrection a million times, and it bores him. His children are inclined to agree.

This play brings the shepherd and the jaded family together to compare notes. As a result, the Jeffersons see Christmas with fresh eyes, and perhaps your audience will as well. The play can be performed by a mixture of children and adults or just children. The dialogue is snappy, funny, and non-preachy. Nine (9) actors/actresses and a chorus are required. Performance time about 15 minutes.

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I began my theatre career in first grade by playing the last little apple of the season. (Wish I had some pictures of that!)

I did a few more plays in high school like The Doctor in Spite of Himself, but during college I was too busy getting a degree in music education to act. In Vermont I appeared with other teachers as a sloppy housemaid who loved to make lemon pies in a play best forgotten. I also appeared with my students as Mother Otter in a fun production of Wind in the Willows. (I got to wear a bonnet and a tail for that one.)

Marilyn D. Anderson in Prince Charming My present home town has a great little theatre, and I've had the privilege of playing lots of great parts. These pictures are of me as Prince Charming's mom in Cinderella (left) and a sweet young thing in a melodrama named The Drunkard(right). Marilyn D. Anderson in The Drunkard

The Fourth Wise Man

During my years of teaching general music, I always wrote plays for my kids to perform. Later I did the same for my church youth group. One even got published.

The Fourth Wise Man is a play I wrote for my Sunday School to perform at Christmas. Now you can perform it too. It's available from Dramatic Publishing.

For Christmas several years ago, the Little Theatre of Bedford chose to stage this play with a cast composed entirely of children. We had a wonderful 4-night run and made more money than the theatre did on Little Shop of Horrors.

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