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Winged Cobra

Mystery Horse is my latest horse novel, and it’s available for both the Kindle and Nook eBook readers. This fast paced adventure story is about a boy who tries to keep some crooks from killing a beautiful horse he find in the wilds of northern California. The bad guys will stop at nothing to complete their plans.



Two different girls and two different horses. One rides western and one rides English, but they both love their animals and will fight hard to keep them. Read about both girls in one book:

A Girl and Her Horse, Book #1
Commodore & Sparkler!

Commodore: Jennifer Kerr is happy riding her pony Easy in hunter classes until he hurts his leg in a fall. Her father ignores her wish to stick with Easy and buys her a horse so big and scary that she looks like a fool when she tries to ride him. Will she ever learn to ride Commodore?

Sparkler: Garnet Grant has taken a bad fall off Duke, her gentle western pleasure horse, and now she’s afraid to ride. Then she falls in love with a horse that’s all wrong for her. Sparkler is afraid of everything and his body is full of wildfire. His dark eyes haunt her, and she knows she must own him. Can Garnet tame the proud spirit of this young Arabian?

Two different girls and two different horses, Count and Bandit. One girl rides western, one rides English. But they both love their animals and will fight hard to keep them.

A Girl and Her Horse, Book #2
Bandit & Count!

Bandit: Wendy Baker wins a ribbon at Camp Ojiketa’s horse show, and she is thrilled to get an Appaloosa named Bandit for her birthday. But Bandit is homesick for a duck named Gracie. Wendy assumes that when Gracie arrives things will be fine. Wrong! Gracie is one crazy duck, and Wendy’s mom insists her daughter go into serious training for horse shows. Can Wendy just enjoy her horse with her friend Demi, or will her mother continue to spoil things?

Count: Patty Allen awakens to a wonderful surprise. There’s a beautiful bay Thoroughbred in her yard. His name is Count, and he’s the kind of horse Patty has always dreamed of owning. But Count belongs to a riding stable, and Patty has to work hard just to ride him now and then. Meanwhile Stacy Meadows can afford to ride Count every week, and she is a terrible rider. Can Patty find a way to keep Stacy from ruining Count?


Maggie's Wish Maggie's Wish

Maggie could easily have been called Marilyn because she's me all over the place. She's dying to have a horse of her own, but instead her father buys a team of plow horses.





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