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If you've checked me out with one of the on-line book stores, you probably think I'm a dog-aholic


Not true. I'm a horse-aholic who likes dogs, but my character named Barkley took the country by storm. Here's a picture of a dog named Pete who I used to own and who was in my mind as a wrote the first book.

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Come Home Barklye Come Home Barkley

Barkley is a Lhasa Apso who is very good at getting into trouble, but who also has a cuddly side. The first book in the Barkley series is about his adventures when he's lost and trying to find his family again. Some are funny, some are scary, some are sad, but all are good reading.

Nobody Wants Barklye Nobody Wants Barkley

Barkley has been reunited with his family at their new home in Indiana. (Guess why they moved there?) But he's having trouble adjusting to being a country dog, and his boy. Jamie, takes Barkley to the 4-H dog training class to teach him how to behave. Good luck, Jamie.


Bring Back Barkley Bring Back Barkley

In book 2, Barkley met an elderly lady named Mrs. Williams and brought her some help when she fell in her home. In book 3, Mrs. Williams has more dizzy spells and must go to live in a rest home. Barkley wants to visit his friend, but mean Mr. Peach says "No." Jamie and Barkley refuse to take "no" for an answer.

We Need Barkley We Need Barkley

Barkley and Jamie are trying to help Doodle, the lost cockatiel, find his owner. Instead, Doodle is taken by a petnapper, and Barkley is then called upon to help rescue the bird. A teacher at the local school also begs for Barkley's help in reaching out to some unhappy kids in her specials class. The resulting story is full of fun, serious drama, and mystery.

Bandit No Home for Shannon

Shannon shows up at Holly's school and follows her home. She plots to keep him in spite of her father's poor attitude toward dogs and the fact that Shannon's owner wants lots of money for his property.


Bandit We Have to Get Rid of These Puppies

Mitzi is our lovable black house dog. She didn't seem to mind our small New York City apartment. But my family did. So the night Mitzi had puppies, we went crazy! They were so cute, but what were we going to do with a litter of puppies? Puppies can tear up things, chew furniture, and break stuff. We didn't want any of that to happen. And no way were they going to the pound. Like mom said …


Bandit Here Comes Trouble

Trouble is the dog's name, and trouble seems to be his game. Now a pony named Pumpkin and a cat named Clawdia are tempting him to do still more things wrong. Can Trouble learn how to be good so he can stay with Mike's family?


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